Thursday, December 29, 2011

What to do with border print.

An impulse buy, this border print fabric. When I put my hand on it I could see the midi length skirt with a waistband and small waistline gathers, part of a Talbot's ensemble offered up around the holidays sometime back in 1985. I thought then I'd no doubt do the same thing just because those kind of outfits are serviceable. Then I forgot about needing a holiday outfit and the fabric marinated for a year. I pulled it out this fall and was playing with it when this solution fell out and I went with it.
The fabric has lycra and stretches, it's velvet-like but the other side is a smooth knit.
This is the first thing I made with my new Sure Fit designs kit. The fit is great but I should have made the waist smaller because it stretches a tad too much.
I pieced the border to one side front. I like it.
From the back.