Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Amazing Project

In Regatta
So, I was minding my own business when I became obsessed with this yarn: "Amazing" from Lion Brand. Even after my first project with it, the very cool Lanesplitter skirt was a total DUD and impossible for me to wear. For a project like that, the suggested Kureyon yarn is really the best because it is far more sturdy. Amazing is soft and light.  Though I'm a "once bitten" sort of person, I could not stop thinking about this yarn. Go. Figure. 
When I found it on sale, and figured out what it would cost to scratch that itch, I decided it was worth $15.00 to stop thinking about it so much! I have since gone back to the trough and am working on the fifth shawl from this yarn. The first one I gave to my sister at Christmas but didn't get a snapshot of it. I couldn't even block it properly before I had to flee that state.