Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Amazing Project

In Regatta
So, I was minding my own business when I became obsessed with this yarn: "Amazing" from Lion Brand. Even after my first project with it, the very cool Lanesplitter skirt was a total DUD and impossible for me to wear. For a project like that, the suggested Kureyon yarn is really the best because it is far more sturdy. Amazing is soft and light.  Though I'm a "once bitten" sort of person, I could not stop thinking about this yarn. Go. Figure. 
When I found it on sale, and figured out what it would cost to scratch that itch, I decided it was worth $15.00 to stop thinking about it so much! I have since gone back to the trough and am working on the fifth shawl from this yarn. The first one I gave to my sister at Christmas but didn't get a snapshot of it. I couldn't even block it properly before I had to flee that state.  
In Wildflowers
In Joshua Tree
The next shawl, and I give myself credit for knitting the same easy pattern all over again, used three balls of the Joshua Tree color.  Then: Wildflowers. The yarns have a good amount of grayed fibers  in the mix and look dark and broody sometimes. Other times, they look just lovely as the Regatta kerchief did when I stretched it out for blocking. I boxed this one up for a gift immediately.  Currently, I'm working on the Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl by Sarah Bradberry. It is easy and fun, especially with the help of the Knitting Counter app for iPhone, the one with the Japanese instructions I've been slow to pick up. The color I'm using is called Glacier Bay, it's blues, blue greens and purples.  There is one more color way in the stash after that and maybe the obsession will be quieted. I think so.

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