Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Drunken Lacy Baktus

Here's a scarf "inspired" by the Lacy Baktus pattern on Ravelry. I didn't intend it to be lopsided but here is how it ended.

Though no alcohol was involved, my Baktus is not symmetrical  as it should be.

At the 2012 New York Sheep & Wool Festival, while my friends were contemplating  a fancy spray bottle for their nuno felt work, I was pulling chunks of dyed fleece from a bargain barrel. Ahead of me at the barrel were two women planted together as a berm so no one else could get near. They wore that look the dog gets when you walk past him with the bone you just bought and gave to him, they tore through colorful fibery oddments pulling out what they wanted and tossing aside the "obvious" dregs. Hunched over so I practically couldn't see what was in the barrel until they decided to toss it, I was pleasantly surprised that just about every color they didn't want I appealed to me.
Funny, it still works as a scarf.
I've been spinning singles from this cache of dyed locks and roving. I didn't think there was enough overall to play and make something like a sweater with. It is soft like Merino. And there's a hat.