Monday, August 17, 2009

Where was I?

I'm going to pretend like not posting since um… March? is no big deal. I have run up quite a string of wadders since, quite a string.

I am not going to go on about the folly that was the "ugly fabric" contest entry over at Pattern Review, that I didn't finish partly because before I dove into elaborate alterations to make the thing fit, I re-read the contest rules and realized the contest was not to make something ugly from ugly fabric, but to make something attractive and wearable! I can only say is that I was granted the wisdom to know the difference.
Also, what wasn't a flat out wadder was something way too pedestrian to go on about, such as a work apron from this site. I think this is a fabric store in Japan. They have lots of free patterns for clothing and house wares. All are in Japanese of course, and I don't read Japanese, but they're also technical drawings for drafting the patterns and sewing them. I enjoy reading technical drawings, they're my kind of fun. My apron came out well but is already covered in paint so I'm showing the original above. Here is another clever idea I'd like to try:

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