Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another Vintage Try

I chose this pattern to enter in the Vintage 2011 contest because it calls for twelve bound buttonholes and part of the challenge asked for tackling some "vintage" technique. As with the previous vintage pattern, I was doubtful I'd be able to end up with a dress in which I could echo the smart, carefree vibrance of the girls on the envelope. But I'm watching my comrades on Pattern Review successfully make garments of all kinds so I forged ahead. I have a huge beef with fashion illustration.

As before I used my sloper to adjust the pattern. I could see on the envelope that lady was about 5'10", I folded out length in the bodice and skirt. No muslin this time, I pinned my Frankenpattern to Looshilala, my dress form and everything seemed OK, but Looshi has no arms. Apparently Miss Lady on the pattern envelope has really skinny, 2D arms because I found the cut on sleeves too small. I added a gusset: I cut it on the bias, adding about 2", now it's comfortable.

This Butterick dress didn't call for the skirt lining and waist stay as the Vogue dress did so I added a lining and made a self fabric belt to keep it at the waistline. Found the belting material at Steinlauf & Stoller (thank goodness they're still in business) and a tiny buckle that went with buttons already in stash was sitting right in B&J Trimming, waiting for me.

I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out, I liked making the buttonholes, using the Bunka "Fundamentals of Fashin Design" instructions. They all came out well except I made every last one of them on the "wrong" side. I also made the bow, as seen on the envelope, from this nice cotton fabric. I forgot to pin it on though since I had to move quickly while my little photographer was sanguine about the project.

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