Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vintage Pattern 2011

OK, I'm done. I think it is as I suspected, I do not have enough imagination to pull off these vintage patterns. This is the Vogue pattern from the last post. It turned into a comfortable dress after I adjusted it along the lines of my sloper.

I made a muslin first:
That came out OK. Then I decided to use this fabric I've had in the larder since Hector was a pup…( you'll date yourself if you know that expression).

And it was this choice that allowed me to so completely channel my Nana. Let's hear it now,__ a big, resounding, MEH!!!! And that is just fine with me. There needs be occasions where fading into the background is just what you want. I am so ready now.

I have faced the fact that I am accessory challenged. This dress needs a belt. I finished it a month ago and started another contest entry for which I made a belt, but I didn't have enough scraps left to make one for this dress and I couldn't bring myself to shop for no belt; in fact, I'm wearing a belt I bought in March when I broke down and bought 2 pairs of jeans. Since my brain loses the signal in a department store, I bought this "reversible" belt, thinking I'd be getting two belts in one__no. I got a plastic belt that sits still only when folded one way; I should have chosen which color (black or brown) I wanted and stuck with it. Someone who understands "accessorization" would not have made this clown-town mistake.

Accessory deprivation extends to the "foundations" department as well, if you catch my drift. I'd have to be demented to climb into a girdle to wear this dress, but maybe a dressier fabric might provide the motivation. This pattern has some mildly interesting details : the bust darts are routed around to a center front seam. I elected to make the more visible plaid match rather than get the seams dead on so there is a tiny jog there. The skirt darts are positioned like an upside-down V; probably more noticeable in a solid color.

All in all it was an easy pattern to make. Since I was using my sloper to fit the pattern I was grateful for its simplicity.The skirt part is lined, it has a side zip and waist stay. The instructions have you stitch that to the bodice seam allowance but the waistline seam was larger so I just tacked the stay to the seam allowance. The stay keeps the dress sitting at the waistline.
I guess this is an everyday dress for the time.

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